African states battle to turn Covid-19 vaccine supplies into shots

Only 9,5% of Africa’s population of 1,3-bn has been vaccinated against Covid-19 “as dozens of countries are struggling to turn supplies into inoculations,” reported Bloomberg News (11 January 2022).
Covax, the World Health Organisation (WHO)-backed global access programme, has been hurt by export bans and production delays, and some vaccine producers have not honoured their contracts, according to the WHO.
“A dearth of immunisation sites in Cameroon, weak communication and Covid-19 denial in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and a syringe shortfall in Kenya are among the hurdles complicating rollouts. According to Nigerian health officials, some of the doses had expired before they could be administered.”
Meanwhile, the WHO has drawn up a list of 20 countries on the continent that are at high risk of missing the target of vaccinating 70% of their populations later in 2022. Experts are set to be deployed to these countries.

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