Jabs for over-50s the top priority in new Covid wave


“SA’s vaccine stockpile of nearly 20-m doses should be used to give booster jabs to high-risk groups, and at least 85% of those aged over 50 need to be vaccinated without delay,” said Wits University dean of health and professor of vaccinology Shabir Madhi.  

He said 80% of those with underlying medical conditions, should also be vaccinated. By last Thursday, 58% of those in their 50s had been vaccinated, with 53% fully vaccinated. Among over-60s, 64% are vaccinated and 57% fully vaccinated. Madhi said it would be “more efficient to use vaccines to provide booster doses to high-risk groups already vaccinated” than for low-risk groups seeking their first shots. - Sunday Times (28 November 2021)

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