Start-ups eye post-pandemic ‘tele-health’ revolution


Using technology to treat patients virtually was a major theme at one of the world’s largest tech conferences in Lisbon, reported AFP (7 Nov 2021). A growing number of e-counselling companies offer video sessions with mental health therapists.

In March, the UK’s MHRA health regulator expressed concern over the symptom-checking software used by tele-health company Babylon, after reports that it failed to recognise some cases of serious conditions. Critics of the shift towards tele-medicine also worry that providers may be tempted to hand patients cheaper virtual appointments when they would prefer to see a doctor face-to-face. Several health start-ups say the future lies in blending the two.

Another challenge is that legislation in many countries has yet to catch up with the tele-medicine

revolution, although that has started changing in recent years.

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