“The Covid-19 pandemic has galvanised the development of more than 120 health technology innovations that have been piloted or adopted in Africa of which nearly 60% were ICT-driven, 25% were

based on 3D printing and 10.9% were robotic,” reported Bizcommunity (23 September 2021)

According to Dr Benji Ozynski, director of business development at Wits Healthcare Innovation (WHI), a division of Wits Health Consortium, the pandemic has shown that it is possible to move quickly and safely in bringing new solutions to healthcare challenges to market.

Examples include:

  • A clinic booking system developed by the WHI for public health clinics which improves clinic waiting times and continuity of care for patients.
  • Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre has partnered with WHI and BetterWork to build on health innovation and digital transformation strategy at the hospital.



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