Younger medical scheme members still wary of the jab


According to Medscheme (owner of Afrocentric) less than a third of the younger members of the schemes it administers had been vaccinated by September. However, more than half the members aged over 60 are vaccinated. 27% of members aged 50 to 59; 25% in the age group 35 to 49; and 10% aged 18 to 34 are vaccinated.

Afrocentric Group CEO Ahmed Banderker said these statistics do not include data from medical aid members who vaccinate at public sector sites, reported Fin24 (21 September 2021). Banderker said vaccination hesitancy should start to decline as people learn more about the perceived side effects of the vaccines and see vaccinated people close to them live their lives a bit more freely.

Country-level statistics announced recently by President Cyril Ramaphosa showed that just over seven million people had been fully vaccinated.

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