Doctors say learning without blame is key to improving patient safety - survey

Nine in ten SA doctors believe healthcare professionals must be able to admit errors, apologise and learn from mistakes without fear of blame, regulatory action or criminal charges in the event of an adverse incident with a patient. This is according to a survey of 590 doctors conducted by the Medical Protection Society (MPS), which represents 30,000 healthcare professionals in SA,” reported TimesLive (15 September 2021).
Dr Graham Howarth, head of MPS medical services Africa said: “The MPS is calling on healthcare leaders, hospitals, government and individual clinicians to take active steps to further aid a shift to a culture of openness and learning in which healthcare professionals feel able to apologise, discuss and learn from mistakes without fear of personal recrimination.
“This would ultimately help to prevent errors from reoccurring, improve patient safety in the future, and the increase in transparency may even help to reduce the number of claims and complaints brought against healthcare professionals when something goes wrong.”


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