New C.1.2. variant is more mutated and more transmissible, according to experts



“The new coronavirus variant, the C.1.2 strain, could be more infectious than other mutations and have the potential to evade vaccines. But the SA health experts who identified and are monitoring the new lineage say that they believe vaccines will still offer high levels of protection. – MedicalBrief (2 September 2021).
According to experts from the universities of Stellenbosch, the WitwatersrandPretoria and KwaZulu-Natal and the National Institute for Communicable Diseases the new variant had been found in all the provinces.
“Based on our current understanding of the mutations in this particular lineage, we suspect that it might be able to partially evade the immune response. Despite this, however, our view based on what we know now is that vaccines will still offer high levels of protection against hospitalisation and death,” the experts said.

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