An experimental Johnson & Johnson HIV vaccine that uses the same technology as successful shots

against Covid-19 and Ebola has failed to provide women in Southern Africa with significant protection

against the virus. – Business Day (1 September 2021).

Preliminary analysis of the phase 2b study known as HVTN 705, found the vaccine cut the risk of infection by just 25.2%, a rate too low to satisfy regulators. A total of 2 188 women at high risk of HIV infection in five Sub-Saharan countries, including SA, received either four shots of the experimental vaccine regimen or a placebo.

Mitchell Warren, executive director of the non-profit group AVAC, which lobbies for HIV prevention and treatment, said he was encouraged by J&J’s involvement in the research. He said it was the first time in 15 years that a large pharmaceutical company had invested in an HIV vaccine.

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