Vaccine hesitancy: Researchers find side effects a key concern


According to a report by UJ/HSRC Covid-19 Democracy the fear of Covid-19 vaccine side-effects is the most significant driving force behind vaccine hesitancy in SA. – News24 (19August 2021).

The reported stated that:

Distrust in government and international institutions like the World Health Organisation (WHO) is another reason why people are vaccine-hesitant.

Religious objections and conspiracy theories together only accounted for 4% of explanations for vaccine hesitancy.

The majority of those that express hesitation about taking the vaccine are not anti-science but are expressing rational and legitimate doubts about a new vaccine.

Improved public health messaging regarding the concerns expressed by hesitant people could change their minds.

Younger people were more likely to be vaccine-hesitant, due to their concerns over side-effects, and the effectiveness of the vaccine.

The researchers recommended “public health messaging may need to target the platforms that young people most engage in for information, details of which are provided in the accompanying report to this one”.

The report stated 72% of the participants indicated they either had already been vaccinated or they definitely or probably would take the Covid-19 jab.

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