The National Department of Health has conceded that its Covid-19 vaccination programme has lost momentum due to vaccine hesitancy, reported Times Live (18 August 2021). According to Deputy Minister of Health, Sibongiseni Dhlomo, SA had initially struggled to secure vaccine supplies, but now the department was grappling with vaccine hesitancy. The department’s Deputy Director-General, Nicholas Crisp, said the starting point is providing information so people are able to make this decision and feel confident they are getting a vaccine that is safe and effective. He said we have to overcome fatigue - “people are tired of hearing the same old, same old all the time”. Crisp said the programme has lost momentum. “We need to get that back and we need to keep on with non-pharmaceutical interventions. We need to convey messages to the public that vaccinations are safe and prevent hospitalisation and loss of lives,” he said.

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