The media, both social and otherwise, have been full of the irresponsible rantings of a well-known health professional against the Covid-19 vaccination in the past couple of days. And rightly so. But I believe the reasons for the reduction in vaccine uptake in the past weeks have little to do with hard anti-vax sentiment

and far more to do with lack of information and access, wrote Dr Bridget Farham, editor of the South African Medical Journal (SAMJ) and consultant to the

Director’s Office, Universal Healthcare/Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases Cluster, WHO, African Region in Daily Maverick (17 August 2021).

“We have endured draconian restrictions and lockdowns which have done nothing to prevent infection and deaths. Our current lockdown regulations did nothing to the current trajectory of the virus, which is simply following a natural course and will subside again once a substantial portion of the population has been infected,” according to Farham. She concludes: “We need to vaccinate as many vulnerable people as possible now. The lack of uptake in vaccine centres is not due to the tirades of a few radical anti-vaxxers. It is due to a systematic lack of engagement by a government that has lost track of the needs of our population, solely focused on its own narrow agenda. We need information, widely disseminated, in as many forms as possible, right now.”

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