Drug makers Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna Inc are expected to reap billions of dollars from Covid-19 booster shots in a market that could rival the $6-bn (about R88-bn) in annual sales for flu vaccines for years to come, reported Reuters (15 August 2021).

“Analysts have forecast revenue of more $6.6-bn for the Pfizer/ BioNTech shot and $7.6-bn for Moderna in 2023, mostly from booster sales. They eventually

see the annual market settling at around $5-bn or higher, with additional drugmakers competing for those sales. The vaccine makers say that evidence of waning antibody levels in vaccinated people after six months, as well as an increasing rate of breakthrough infections in countries hit by the Delta variant support the need

for booster shots.

“If regular Covid-19 boosters are needed among the general population, the market would most resemble the flu shot business, which distributes more than 600-million doses per year.”

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