Prominent SA heart surgeon in anti-vaxx video – Times Live (13 August)

Dr Susan Vosloo, one of SA's most well-known heart surgeons finds herself in the midst of a media storm after a video of her advising people against taking Covid-vaccines went viral. (Vosloo was the first woman to qualify as a heart surgeon (1988), and did her first heart transplant at the age of 33.
In the video, Vosloo says that “the risk of the vaccination is worse than the risk of virus" and that “the vaccination was not brought in for Covid, but that Covid was brought in for the vaccination". In the video (on the BitChute platform) Vosloo says that death “is one of the complications of the vaccination", which could also possibly lead to other problems such as “infertility, serious neurological complications and vascular damage". She does not support any of her allegations with scientific research.
When confronted by Vrye Weekblad reporter, Elsabè Brits, (12 August 2021) Vosloo said the video was “private" and that the chatter about it would die down within a few days.
Prof Marc Mendelson, head of transmissible diseases and HIV-medicine at Groote Schuur-hospital and the University of Cape Town, says he has “rarely been exposed to such complete rubbish from a member of the medical establishment".

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