WHO calls for moratorium on Covid vaccine booster programme

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“The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called for a moratorium on Covid vaccine booster programmes until at least the end of September in order to prioritise vaccines for low-income countries. Countries with high vaccination rates, such as the United Kingdom (UK), have been considering vaccine booster programmes, given the uncertainty about how long immunity lasts.”  -The Conversation 12 August 2021. “Booster jabs might be needed to top up waning immunity, particularly in those with weaker immune systems. Although it might later be established that booster programmes are necessary to prevent serious disease, there is significant uncertainty about the extent of the benefit of a booster programme.”

Meanwhile, the UK’s joint committee on vaccination and immunisation said that its interim advice on the matter that a booster programme should be offered, starting with those most at risk from serious disease, may “change substantially”.

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