Tim Noakes criticises authors of infulential study of 'hiding negative findings'

"Emeritus Professor Tim Noakes, in a study published in the journal Open Heart, has criticised the authors of one of the most influential studies relating to diet and health, the Women’s Health Initiative Randomized Controlled Diet Modification Study, for hiding negative findings, as well as reaching “scientifically unjustifiable” and 'perhaps unethical' conclusions,"

writes MedicalBrief (12 August 2021).

"Noakes, formerly a sports health scientist at the University of Cape Town, said that as long ago as 2012, he had pointed out to the lead author of the WHIRCDMT study that there were negative findings in the study that were being hidden from the profession.

"A paper detailing those criticisms was subsequently peer reviewed and published in the SA Medical Journal. I have recently published in Open Heart a follow-up analysis of the more recent publications from the Women’s Health Initiative [and] I draw the conclusion that that $700 million proves that it is now unethical for medical practitioners to prescribe low-fat diets for persons with established coronary heart disease or at risk for CHD [coronary heart disease] because they are insulin resistance," wrote Noakes.

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