The 89-year-old retired Dr Ebrahimn Seedat (who hung up his stethoscope in 2009) now volunteers two hours every day to help administer vaccines at the Houghton mosque in Johannesburg.

“I was so happy to get my hand in again to do actual injections. It made me feel like I was not drifting away into the sunset and that I am still there,” Seedat told The Sunday Times (3 August 2021). He vaccinates between 30 and 40 people on days on which he is not tied up or busy with other commitments.

Between playing golf and volunteering to administer the Covid-19 vaccine Seedat regards himself as fairly fit for his age. He attributes his strength and resilience to years of exercise and eating healthily. According to him, about a 1,000 people have been driving through daily for their injections at the site, which opened a week ago.

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