On Sunday, August 2, the Department of Health received 2.8-m Pfizer vaccine doses donated by the US government. The final batch of 5.6-m vaccines is expected to arrive this week. This is good news for the country’s vaccine roll-out programme, which has been moving at a snail’s pace. However, the government needs to kick-start an effective communication strategy to encourage members of the public to get the Covid-19 jab and counter the growing trend of vaccine hesitancy in society. reported Cape Times (3 August 2021)

“Unverified reports about people who have died after being inoculated, vaccine hesitancy and anti-vaccine lobby groups are using social media to undermine the government’s vaccination efforts. There is enough scientific evidence that vaccines save lives. However, we also need to point out that people have the right to refuse vaccination. It is therefore key for the country to have a massive vaccination communication strategy that seeks to drive a clear and unambiguous message.”

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