Discovery Life might charge unvaccinated people more for new policies


Discovery Life has decided to treat a refusal to vaccinate against Covid-19 the same way it treats smoking or lifestyle diseases such as diabetes when it determines premiums. It said clients

with new policies who indicate that they are unwilling to be vaccinated may, unfortunately, be subject to higher premiums due to the increased risk. These new underwriting rules kicked in on 29 July 2021. However, premiums will be adjusted for unvaccinated customers who change their minds later.

According to Discovery’s latest data the risk of death rises far above the average population mortality rates for Covid-19 survivors in their mid-forties: an average 75-year-old who is fully vaccinated has a similar risk of dying from Covid-19 to a typical 40-year-old who has not been vaccinated.

Existing Discovery Life policies will not be affected by these underwriting changes.

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