Jab rollout catching up with ‘best in the world’


“Three months ago, SA’s vaccination drive looked headed for disaster. After a slow start, the rollout has now reached about 230 00 people a day,” reported the Sunday Times (25 July 2021). As more private and public sector vaccination sites open and vaccinations are also being done on Saturdays, the number is rising fast.

The increasing pace of vaccinations is largely the result of the public and private sectors pooling their resources to get the vaccination programme moving, said Business For SA’s (B4SA’s) steering committee chair, Martin Kingston. SA’s ramp-up rate means vaccination rates per capita now compare favourably with the best in the world.

The private sector’s contribution to the rollout is now approximately 110 000 doses a day across the vaccination sites, and capacity will rise as more vaccine doses become available. Kingston predicts that SA could be administering 420 000 jabs a day by mid-September.

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