Vaccination rate lags among non-medical scheme members


SA’s uninsured population is proving hardest to reach in urban areas, particularly in townships, where it is difficult to motivate people to be vaccinated, Health Department’s deputy director-general for National Health Insurance, Nicholas Crisp, told Parliament. (Business Day, 22 July 2021)

By July 20, 4.7-m people had received at least one shot, of which 1.6-m (17,8% of the medical scheme market) were medical scheme members, while 3.1-m were non-medical scheme members, (6% of the 50-m uninsured market).76% of public sector healthcare workers had been vaccinated, with 68.6% fully covered.

According to Crisp about 1-m vaccines were provided every four days. It is expected to accelerate to 1-m vaccines every three days by the end of next week. The supply of vaccines to SA remains relatively constrained, but is expected to improve in August, Crisp said.

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