Times Live reported on July 19, that Cape Town-based start-up Innohealth has developed an artificial intelligence-based health app to provide virtual medical care to patients at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face consultation. The app, called MyPocketHealth, will allow anyone to access virtual medical advice and scripts and will facilitate the exchange of medical records between doctors and patients without having to visit the doctor’s rooms or clinic. The developers of the doctor-led app, who have just secured multimillion-rand funding to run it in SA, hope the digital innovation, which will be launched in SA before the end of this year, will relieve pressure from primary healthcare facilities in private and public

healthcare through the delivery of preventive care services. Innohealth co-founder Dr Chad Marthinussen, who established the start-up a year ago with another young doctor, Wade Palmer, and chartered accountant Abdul Malick Salie, said the platform would reduce the need for in-person medical consultations, allowing patients to “access the best, most affordable medical advice and care” from their phones.

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