Lack of human interaction during the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about isolation and loneliness for many, particularly those who are working from home and staying at home to avoid public spaces and crowds. There is also strong evidence that the loss of social connection and meaningful relationships can lead to serious mental health problems. To address these problems a conference, including world experts in the field of human and social interaction, is to be held virtually between September 30 and October 3 in SA, reported Times Live (2 July 2021). The conference will be hosted by Imago Africa, a community of Imago practitioners, in partnership with Northwest University and the Family and Marriage Society of SA (Famsa). It will be based around the science of human connections, which deals with how the natural and social sciences tell us who we are as human beings, what prevents individuals from relating to one another and how this interpersonal crisis of connection can lead to civic disengagement. 

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