‘Robotic abdominal surgery has no advantage over open, laparoscopic surgeries’


 “A new meta-analysis comparing robot-assisted abdominal pelvic surgery with laparoscopy, open surgery, or both, finds that robotic platforms are costly and result in longer operative duration than laparoscopy, but with no obvious difference versus open surgery in terms of the quality of evidence and outcomes,” reported MedTech Dive (29 June 2021)     
The analysis, pubilshed in the Annals of Internal Medicine, which includes 50 studies with 4,898 patients, looked at randomised controlled trials from inception to April 2021 concluding that "there is currently no clear advantage with existing robotic platforms." Researchers noted, however, that ‘with refinement, competition, and cost reduction, future versions have the potential to improve clinical outcomes without the existing disadvantages’." https://www.medicalbrief.co.za/archives/high-court-expresses-doubts-that-nonchalant-hpcsa-is-fit-for-purpose/Follow


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