‘Extreme concern’ over EFF threats against SAHPRA


Threats by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) against the SA Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) unless it immediately approved the use of the Russia’s Sputnik V COVID vaccine and China’s Sinovak have been met with outrage from the medical fraternity, reports MedicalBrief.(30 June 2021)
A coalition of health organisations responded to EFF threats of “militant mass action” against SAHPRA with a call on the government and law enforcement authorities to act. “Safeguarding the integrity of a statutory body is a constitutional obligation of the government, and any physical threats against its personnel or governing board members is a law enforcement matter that should be taken up immediately by the relevant agencies.”
Meanwhile, The New York Times reported
that experts say recent infections in the more than 90 countries using Chinese vaccines are “a cautionary tale” in the global effort to fight the disease.
The relatively low efficacy rates of Chinese shots have been identified as a possible cause of the recent outbreaks. The Sinopharm vaccine has an efficacy rate of 78.1%; the Sinovac vaccine has an efficacy rate of 51%.

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