“Quality healthcare is a basic need. It should not be based on socio-economic status. However, the HPCSA’s proposal to use the current private medical aid reserves - of around R92 bn - to fund the NHI is not the answer, wrote Lee Callakoppen, principal officer of the Bonitas Medical Fund in Fin24 (18 June 2021)

“The proposal is not only unethical, but also fraught with illegalities and in direct conflict with the Medical Schemes Act 31 of 1998. We not only strongly oppose the notion of using member’s money in this manner, but we also cannot accept such a gross contravention of the MSA.

“Negotiations, strategising and robust discussion will enable us to roll out the most viable and sustainable system in our country. The only way for the healthcare system in South Africa to evolve is through interdependent relationships. The need for universal healthcare is not debatable. It is the mechanisms around its implementation that stimulate continual debate, challenges, disagreements and proposals,” said Callakoppen.

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