Today, May 17, marks the first day of South Africa's Phase 2 COVID-19 vaccination roll-out (aimed at people older than 60).
Although Health Minister Zweli Mkhize previously told Parliament each dose of Pfizer and J&J vaccine was expected to cost R140 (VAT excluded) the price has since doubled.
In a circular on May 14, the Department of Health has announced that private medical aids will be charged  R308,48 per dose for the Pfizer vaccine plus VAT, a total of R354.75 per dose. The Johnson & Johnson jab will cost R286.96 plus VAT, a total of R330.00 per dose. Healthcare facilities will charge an additional R70 for administering each vaccine, confirming details on the EVDS, providing counselling, and covering the cost of vaccine waste and other expenditure. For insured patients, the cost of administration will be paid in full by their medical schemes as this is a prescribed minimum benefit (PMB). Uninsured patients who are referred to private healthcare providers by the EVDS will have the cost of the vaccine and the administration thereof covered by the department


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