Report shows SA Covid death toll is one of the worst


According to the latest report from the Medical Research Council (MRC) SA recorded an age standardised excess death rate of 258 per 100 000 population, placing SA in the top five countries. (Excess deaths are those above the upper bound of the forecast range; natural deaths are caused by disease or age)

The Eastern Cape: 420 per 100 000 population; KwaZulu-Natal at 382; Gauteng 166l and the Western Cape at 184 per 100 000.

The close correlation between the timing and geographical pattern of the excess deaths recorded in the past year makes it clear that they were mostly directly due to the pandemic.

The report highlights a huge discrepancy between the confirmed Covid-19 deaths and the number of excess natural deaths observed in many provinces, which the MRC attributed to the under-reporting of Covid-19 deaths that occurred outside hospitals.

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