Basic health services such as testing for HIV/AIDS and TB, maintenance, filling vacancies and the purchasing of new equipment were severely hampered in the last financial year as the National Health Department (DoH) shifted its resources, reported News24 (8 May 2021).

According to the department’s chief financial officer, Ian van der Merwe, a performance plan and budget for the 2021/2022 financial year has been presented to National Treasury to acquire additional funding.

He said there have been additional once-off allocations for COVID-19 in the current financial year and the last financial year, which added up to about R10-bn. Discounting the funds allocated to C-19, Van Der Merwe said the reduction in the budget was about 16%. These reductions will have an impact on nationally managed programmes, especially infrastructure in provinces. “The allocations of three years ago are pretty much the same as the current allocations, which means we have grown negatively,” said Van der Merwe.


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