Dis-Chem has announced that it is planning for the next stage of the vaccine rollout in partnership with Business for SA (B4SA) and the Department of Health. The company is in negotiation with landlords and retailers as well as nursing agencies to supply the vaccination services that the 191 Dis-Chem stores plan to provide.

According to Clicks CEO Vikesh Ramsunder, the retailer has the necessary infrastructure, including more than 600 pharmacies and 192 clinics, to help facilitate the vaccination roll-out.

Clicks and Dis- Chem will also be able to distribute vaccines to other vaccination sites.

Chantal Marx, head of investment research at FNB, said using Dis-Chem and Clicks as part of the vaccine rollout is “a very clever way of scaling distribution and makes perfect sense”. Clicks and Dis-Chem “won’t be making any money”, but she expects in-store sales to spike as the newly vaccinated wait the required 15 minutes after the jab to ensure that there are no side-effects.


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