"Nothing stops the spread of Covid-19 quite like fresh air"


According to a study at the University of Central Florida (UCF) ventilation in classrooms and other indoor settings is even more important than social distancing, reported Times LIVE (13 April 2021). An analysis of contact-tracing in Ireland discovered that only one in 1 000 infections is acquired outdoors and a study in China found poorly ventilated spaces are a top culprit in the rapid spread of the disease.

According to Prof Keertan Dheda, UCT’s head of pulmonology, it is not just as simple as how many people are in the room. If they are all standing in a group and there is poor ventilation and people aren’t wearing masks, it won’t work.

Masks were shown to be beneficial by preventing direct exposure to aerosols, as they provide a weak puff of warm air that causes aerosols to move vertically, thus preventing them from reaching adjacent people.

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