HPCSA found 4 medical advisors guilty of unprofessional conduct


At its latest meeting (16 – 17 March 2021), the Second Medical Committee of Preliminary Inquiry found four medical advisors guilty of unprofessional conduct in terms of Reg 4(9) of regulations relating to conduct of inquiries into alleged unprofessional conduct under the Health Professions Act.

The advisors were fined R20 000.00 each for not drafting evidence-based scheme protocols. Apparently, the evidence they used to support their decisions was 20 years old; even after current evidence was presented to them by the relevant clinical super-specialist academic ophthalmology societies.

Under Regulation 15 of the Medical Schemes Act, that deals with managed care, all managed care employed by a scheme (whether pre-authorisations, Protocols or Formularies) must be evidence based.

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