Government plans to vaccinate more than 200 000 people a day

Registration for phase 2 of the COVID vaccine rollout will start in May, with the government hoping to inoculate more than 200 000 people a day, said Health Minister Zweli Mkhize in a recent brief to the ANC. More than 2 000 vaccination sites - including stadiums, shopping malls, churches and hospitals - have been identified. The rollout will kick off as soon as the first batch of 2.8-m Johnson & Johnson vaccines arrive at the end of April.

The phase one rollout will pick up where the trial ends, alongside phase two, which includes people over 60, those with comorbidities and essential workers.

Mkhize said the order of the priority groups for phase two has been submitted to him for consideration. Phase three - all other adults not falling into the phase one and two categories - is set to begin in mid-November.

Online registration is scheduled will start in April, and once registered, citizens will receive instructions for appointments.

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