Government to blame for delay in delivery of J&J vaccine


“Millions of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine doses expected to arrive in the country from April may be delayed by weeks because of a failure by the government to timeously meet a key contract clause in its agreement with the US-based drug maker,” reported News24 (26 March 2021). “The clause calls for the government to set up a no-fault compensation (NFC) mechanism to cover damage claims arising from unlikely but potential adverse effects in people who get the jabs - but this system is yet to be set up.”

Delays expected in rollout of vaccine

Phase one, which is targeted at 1.2-m healthcare workers, is unlikely to be completed by the end of April unless at least 700 000 of the single dose J&J vaccine or 1.4 m doses of the Pfizer two-dose vaccine arrives in the coming days.

Phase two, aimed at 13-m essential and vulnerable workers, will now only commence in May.

Phase three of the vaccine plan, targeting 22-m people, will now only commence in November.

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