Health researchers urge government to regulate e-cigarettes

Local health researchers have urged government to urgently regulate e-cigarettes, saying they are being marketed to young people as a means to stop smoking. However e-cigarettes don’t help people to kick the habit for good. – Independent Online (6 March 2021)
This follows a series of recent studies conducted by Atim, the University of Pretoria and the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC).
The studies assessed local e-cigarette use, evaluated the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as cessation aids, and analysed the costs. One of the studies found that of the at least 240 vape shops in South Africa, 39% are within a 10km radius of a university or college campus, and 65.3% are within a 20km radius of a university or college campus. The annual cost associated with daily use was R6 693 for manufactured cigarettes and up to R19 780.83 for e-cigarettes.

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