Dr Chris Archer, former SAPPF CEO, dies after sudden illnes

The following letter was written by Dr Simon Strachan, CEO of SAPPF, after the sad news that Dr Chris Archer has passed on on Wednesday, March 3 2021


Dear members
It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing away of Dr Chris Archer this morning 03 March 2021 after a sudden illness.
He was our leader for the past 13 years. Chris was a fearless campaigner for the prosperity of the private healthcare sector and for the self determination of the private healthcare provider. In short, he was SAPPF and this filled every one of his days. His commitment to the cause is evidenced by many actions and we have fresh in our minds the roll he played in trying to find a solution for the financial distress private providers endured due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He has represented us on the BUSA platform interacting with the department of health on issues around NHI and at the very time of his passing was working to fulfil his vision of a reformed private sector that improved access to quality healthcare for all South Africans.
His sudden passing has left us feeling empty and has left a huge void. We will miss his visionary thinking and his fierce determination along with his smile and jovial laughter. We acknowledge him as a friend, a pioneer and as a great leader of this Forum. He lived a life worth remembering and I am sure we will all spend some time reflecting on his selfless contribution to our ability to practise our profession.
We extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to his wife Judy and his children - Matthew, Nicholas and Edward -  the extended family and grandchildren.
Good bye dear friend
We will remember you

(Signed Simon Strachan)

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