SA firm to start production of ultra-cold Covid-19 vaccine storage



SA natural gas and helium producer, Renergen, has launched its prototype cold-chain storage called Cryo-Vacc, which has a temperature range of -150 degrees Celsius to 8°C and can store vaccines for periods of up to 30 days without the need for any power supply, reported Reuters (15 Feb 2021). “Companies and governments around the world are working on ways to establish cold-chain storage and delivery systems for vaccines such as the Pfizer and BioNTech shot, which must be shipped and stored at ultra-cold temperatures and can only last at standard fridge temperatures for up to five days.

“Because liquid helium is only a fraction of the weight of liquid nitrogen, it will significantly reduce airfreight distribution costs and can accommodate up to 12 times more vials per flight compared to other solutions based on current flight safety regulations, according to Reuters.

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