Profmed medical scheme decided not to go along with a funding plan where every medical aid beneficiary would effectively pay for two more people to get vaccinated, on top of paying for their own shots. CEO Craig Comrie said the scheme wants a clear undertaking of how medical scheme members will get guaranteed access to vaccines sooner rather than later.

He said that with the rise of several Covid-19 variants, annual vaccines may be required, which will place significant strain on medical schemes as they will need to hold reserves to cater for these future uncertainties. Expectation that schemes’ reserves that belong to members should fund non-scheme members is in fact outside the legal and ethical decision-making powers that medical schemes can make, said Comrie, He proposed a call for voluntary donations.

  • Meanwhile, top US coronavirus adviser, Anthony Fauci, has urged countries to invest more money in vaccine production, saying it is in everyone’s interest for the world to be immunised as soon as possible.

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