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‘NHI will destabilise SA healthcare sector’

05 Nov 2019

The union says healthcare workers need the opportunity to contribute their “knowledge, insight and opinion” to the NHI and say why they believe itto be a “bad idea that will weaken” the healthcare system.

The report said 15% of respondents believed that it would be possible to successfully implement the NHI, and 84.5% are of the view that the implementation of the NHI could destabilise the healthcare system and harm the high quality service already being provided by the private sector.

Solidarity said it has already instructed its legal team to test its constitutionality should the bill not be amended as requested. Nicolien Welthagen, a Solidarity Research Institute research psychologist, said medical practitioners who participated in the study highlighted that there was distrust in government as they felt there was a political agenda in implementing the NHI.

Solidarity is urging the government to take the feedback seriously as most respondents in the report said the state needed to stop “interfering and intending to restrict and control the freedom of choice of the public and healthcare workers”.